hi! my name is Jess and this is my first ever blog post – hooray! i’ve had blogs before, there’s probably numerous of my tried and failed attempts at keeping a blog out there on the www so hopefully this won’t just be another. i’ve used blogger in the past, and it’s super popular, but i’ve just never managed to make it look quite how i like it, so i tried wordpress and it seems a little better. this blog is mainly just a journal for me, a place where i can keep track of my travels, my crafts and my thoughts but it would be lovely to share with people too. it’s also a place for me to keep track of blogs that i lOvE rather than just keeping them all in my memory. i’m going to try and set aside a certain hour of every Sunday evening to just sit down and write a little about my week – so it’s just like writing in a diary really and a chance to reflect on the good (and also maybe the not so good) things.


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