is it the start of spring yet? some of my photos suggest so….

…but the rain is not relenting anytime soon! i’ve just broken up from uni this week for a lovely 4 weeks off (although with a huge report to write and a lot to revise, i think i should probably get out of that mindset!) and i went with my mam to Sheffield for the evening. we stayed in a lovely  hotel and got to use the pool and the sauna rooms with breakfast included (the best part!). the hotel led right out onto the Winter Gardens which i thought were amazing – they’re like a jungle within the city centre

i have to admit, it’s really the first time i’ve ever been to sheffield and i wasn’t expecting it to be so pretty! there are hundreds of bars and restaurants and some decent shopping too, so it would be nice to go back again.

i’ve also been knitting my first ever sock! i bought some self striping sock yarn, of which the novelty is still yet to wear off! i’m knitting it for my boyfriend who has huge feet (like size 12?) so i cast on about 80 stitches, which i think may have been too many…. i’ve been following the sock pattern here which is a fantastic tutorial – i’m a terrible knitter and i’ve managed to get this far!


i’ve turned the heel and now i’m just knitting the foot. the sock yarn i’m using is the Regia Arne & Carlos limited edition yarn (you can find it on woolwarehouse, although i bought mine in a yarn shop in town) – it’s listed as £8.99 for 100 g so that should make two socks! however…. i split my ball into two approx 50 g balls, to make two socks, but i’m slightly worried i’m going to run out! so it could become a very expensive pair of socks… but it’s going ok for my first pair i think!

i’m going to Barcelona tomorrow for a few days, so hopefully there will be some pretty pictures to come.



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