one thing i really, really love is being on holiday. every chance i can get – i try to get away, every break between university terms is a chance to travel, which isn’t always easy on a student budget! my friend is living in barcelona at the moment so with free accommodation, i couldn’t really afford not to go, right?

we flew ryanair from manchester which is ideal and 4 days exploring didn’t set us back much more than €150 (although we didn’t eat out at all really!)

the above pictures are from when we visited la Sagrada Família. if you can afford it, pay pay pay the entrance fee to get in. last time we visited, it was too tight to pay it, but you seriously cannot appreciate it without visiting the inside. i was surprised at how beautiful and modern it is – the height of it is huuuuge and the stained glass windows let streams of colours into the building. work on it is still going on – it’s expected to be finished around 2026 i think, so we’ve still got 1o years to wait!

we also did a little day trip to a place about an hour outside of barcelona called montserrat – a mountain which has a monastery sitting at the top. you can get a ticket from plaça d’españya for €20 which is a return train fare and includes the rack railway or cable car from the station up which i thought was pretty reasonable. however…. we must have picked the WORST day to visit, it was super foggy – so foggy that we couldn’t even see the monastery in front of us!! however, there was no fog inside i guess and the interior of the basilica was incredible, just so ornate and beautiful. hopefully i can go back in the sunshine because the views are meant to be amazing!

barceloneta beach is beautiful – even though it was super cold…

… and these were some view of the city we got.

there seems to be so much of the city left to explore so, until next time Barcelona! xo


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  1. Anisa says:

    I’m going there tomorrow I can’t wait. I got my tickets for sagrada famalia already and I’m going to Montserrat too. Im so excited.


    1. jssmsn says:

      it’s really, really beautiful – i hope the weather is a bit cheery for you when you visit Montserrat, the views are meant to be amazing!

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