after bagging some bargain flights to Catania, Sicily, we stayed in a small town called Taormina, which is quite high up in the hills. it really is probably one of the most beautiful, picturesque towns i’ve ever, ever seen! we stayed for 3 nights in a little hotel on the main street, we ate pizza and pasta everyday and drank local wine (which was pretty good!) the photos above show the main square with a view of Mt Etna and the public gardens, along with one of the hundred of orange trees growing everywhere! the town itself isn’t on the coast, but we got a bus down to the beach for about €1. there is usually a cable car running from Taormina to the beach, but it was out of order, so we braved the crazy drivers and the hairpin bends down the mountain – and it was so worth it…

… as you can see, we got some pretty good weather! we found a quiet beach, with lots of local people chilling and taking their boats out to sea and, as we walked further around, we found another stretch of beach containing the Isola Bella park. as you walk along the beach, there is a small stretch of sand leading to a small island and, as the tide starts to come in, the pathway gets more flooded and you have to paddle back to the main shore. you can kinda see what i mean by the panorama i took below – where I’m stood on the small island facing the mainland beach and you can spot a few people paddling through the gap!P1020103

we had local sweet drink/dessert too, called ‘granite’. to me, they seem like a mix between a slush puppie and a sorbet, and they’re a sicilian thing made from fresh fruit and produce. my favourite was the lemon and orange! they’re served with a thick cream on top and a brioche bun to dip – it sounds really strange, but it was so, so good!

and sitting at the heart of this little town is an ancient, greek amphitheatre built in third century BC! (according to wikipedia…) it’s condition is amazing, it’s weathered pretty well 2300 years on and you can pay a couple of euros to go in and explore

apart from feeling like you’ve gone back in history, you also get some amazing views of the city and the coastline! i looooove these cool cacti they had growing everywhere.

although back to rainy Manchester for quiet Easter. the final push through my university degree and onto the real world!



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