april has passed and it’s now may… i’m not sure how that happened.


i also finished my first ever pair of knitted socks. i followed the tutorial here, it’s so clear and full of photographs. i got stuck on a few parts, such as picking up stitches, but there’s plenty of useful youtube videos that can really help along the way.


i knitted them for a friend’s birthday and she has modelled them so beautifully…


so i am really happy with how they turned out… if your interested, here are some details from the pattern:

i knitted from the cuff down, casting on 60 stitches with a k2p2 rib for 16 stitches. then, i just knit round and round for the leg for 60 rows, then i knitted the heel flap following the tutorial (35 rows in total) and then shaped the heel. i picked up 19 stitches either said, as shown in the tutorial (i didn’t even have 19 loops to pick up, so i just ‘found’ them!) and decreased until i had the original 60 stitches left on my dpns. for the foot, i knitted 48 rows before i started to decrease, although this varies with foot size – these were for a size 6 (UK) pair of socks and they fitted perfectly. for the toe, i decreased until there was 8 stitches left on each needle, and i grafted those with the kitchener stitch, which is brilliantly detailed in the tutorial. and a pair of socks were born!!

the yarn i used was the Regia Arne and Carlos Design Line in the colour way ‘Fall Night Colour’ which is £5.19 for a 50 g ball here, and you’ll need 2 x 50 g balls to knit a pair of socks.i  really love this yarn, it’s so clever the way it knits up and produces a fair isle looking pattern, rather than plain stripes. i’ve got a ball of the ‘Summer Night Colour’ too, hopefully one day i’ll have a pair in every colour….

another of my crafty ventures was sewing up my first ever cushion cover, using some fabric i found at IKEA.

the inner was about £1.50, and the fabric was only £4 per metre, i bought some of the dark floral fabric and some cream fabric for the back of the cushion. you need a sewing machine, but it was pretty easy and i followed this very handy IKEA guide to making envelope backed cushions. i made my cushion as if it was 40 x 40 cm instead of 50 x 50 cm, just to make it a bit plumper, and it fitted perfectly. however, if i were to make it again, i’d make the back panels a bit bigger because i didn’t get a very good overlap (probably because i had made the cushion fatter). i added a few press studs into the back and it was fine. changing cushion covers are a really cheap and easy way to change the look of a room, and extra cushions are always a good thing, right?




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Verónica says:

    Great job on the socks!


    1. jssmsn says:

      ahh thank you so much!


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