a yarn-y one; pt. I

Ok, so, originally my blog was meant to be pretty much about crafting – yarn, knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, weaving, everything… So here is probably the first relevant post! I’ve been making and buying a lot since I started blogging, so maybe it’s best to break it down.

I’ll start with the recent stuff, the stuff that’s fresh in my mind and that is… Edinburgh Yarn Festival! I live in Newcastle at the moment and Edinburgh really isn’t that far for me, about 1,5 hours on the train so we made a day of it. Morning at the yarn festival, afternoon for wandering. I was super super lucky that my boyfriend came with me, this is the second yarn festival I’ve dragged him around (the first was Harrogate Knitting and Stitching show!) and he feigns interest like a hero. I thought I had a plan with what I wanted and took plenty of cash in preparation and then… I kinda threw a strop because I wanted everything.

The first stop was the Loop London stall and this is a yarn shop that I would LOVE to visit – in my head it’s this little magical grotto in the big city filled with wonderful squishy yarn and happy, wooly people. I hope I haven’t set my hopes too high…! But anyway, I knew that I wanted some sock blockers. I find them pretty expensive for a fancy shaped piece of wire, but when I’ve finished knitting my socks, I really want to show them off. And they always look a little bit rubbish when I try and photograph them. So that was the first thing ticked off my list. And then… ahhhh…. they had some skeins of Madeline Tosh yarn scattered across their table. I’ve heard so much about this yarn in the blogosphere but, if I’m spending > £20 on a skein of yarn, I need to see it, feel it, squish it before I part with my cash. O m G this yarn is a dream.


It’s in the colour way ‘Scout’ and, of course, it’s going to be a pair of socks. Maybe it’s a waste to be using 100% merino yarn for socks but OH they’ll be so soft!! I’m thinking maybe white cuffs, heels and toes and I’m still not too sure whether to use a pattern or stick to a good old vanilla sock… I also got a lovely canvas bag with my purchases so this will make a wonderful project bag for this years jumper – when I get around to it!

After my Loop purchases, I wandered round all of the other little stalls. SO many indie dyers that I have wanted to squish the yarn for for too long – Eden Cottage Yarns, The Knitting Goddess, Coop Knits amongst a few. And then some others, TOFT is always always always a favourite (I bought *another* beautiful alpaca pom pom!) and had a wander about the John Arbon range – the Knit by Numbers. I’ve heard good things – and it’s only about £12 for a 100 g skein… It’s around then that I had a little meltdown, there was SO much wonderful yarn and I wanted it all.

I re-visited the Coop Knits stall and purchased some of their ‘Socks Yeah!’ yarn. I think the book will be my next purchase which you can find here. I bought 5 skeins: 2 x Chryso (the blue),  2 x Ammonite (the pink) and 1 x Sphene (the yellow). I’m thinking of a pair with cuffs, heels and toes made out of the yellow, with the main body striped in the other two colours. If I’m lucky, I might get another pair of out them too!

coop knits yarns

I also picked up a set of HiyaHiya 2.5 mm dpns for my socks, I’ve been knitting on some of the Karbonz but 1. I hate the name and 2. they’re going a bit of a funny colour on the ends – like a copper-y colour I think from contacting my skin so much and they drag the yarn a bit so they aren’t always the most wonderful needles…

The final things I bought were from the Brooklyn Tweed stall. I’ve not really come across this brand before, but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it mentioned. The thing that drew me there was the perfect array of skeins, organised by weights and then split into colours. So. Many. Colours. The love of organisation inside of me dragged me over for a closer look… Now one of the things I was thinking of knitting was a pair of mittens for my mam – I’ve promised that I’d knit her something and nothing has ever headed her way yet. So I thought, yes, perfect opportunity to buy some super squishy yarn for a pair of mittens. I picked up 2 x 50 g skeins of the ‘Old World’ colour way in the ‘Shelter’ yarn – 2 skeins in the hope that there will be some left over for a pair for myself! It’s a worsted weight yarn, which I’m guessing is about Aran weight? 4.5 – 5.5 mm needles are recommended so they should make a lovely pair of mitts! It’s a lovely, deep, mottled purple colour and really squishy. I also bought a 100-ish g skein of the ‘Quarry’ yarn in the ‘Lazulite’ colour way. It’s kind of deep blue with flecks of lighter blues and greys in there. This is a chunky weight, so 6-8 mm needles and I’m thinking this will be a hat for my boyfriend – now I just have to find the right pattern!

brooklyn tweed yarn

Listing everything here doesn’t actually make me think that I bought a whole lot, but trust me, my bank balance was screaming at me to stop! I think in hindsight I would have picked up some of the Eden Cottage yarns (I went to their stall twice and squished and squeezed the yarn but didn’t purchase any!) and maybe some of the Knit by Numbers in cream for the cuffs, heels and toes of the socks with my Madeline Tosh yarn. But I guess I’ll find something!

We headed back into the city and wandered around the National Museum of Scotland, such a beautiful building with some wonderful exhibitions! Then, after a few pints and watching the Eng v Sco rugby game, we headed back home to Newcastle…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Until next time Edinburgh, you beautiful city!

Jess xo




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