Hi! I’m Jess, I’m 22 and I live in Newcastle in the North East of England. I spent 4 years at university in York, studying for a Chemistry degree and now I’m working as an R&D scientist.

I love to travel and I’ve realised that, on a student budget, it can be quite challenging. I’m lucky to have my parents who usually are quite understanding when I book flights for holidays that I can’t afford (oops!) but I do try to be as savvy as possible without compromising my trip! When I’m not planning travels or at uni or doing work for uni, in that teeeeny tiny amount of spare time (usually whilst I’m watching Netflix or something similar!) I love to crochet. Having been a (very) amateur knitter, I made a patchwork blanket. No matter how evenly I knitted or how meticulously I sewed in the ends, I just didn’t like it. I wanted to be able to make the beautiful, vintage-y looking granny square blankets that always adorned charity shops, or even Cath Kidston! They just looked so warm and snuggly and so colourful, so I bought myself a couple of balls of cheap yarn, a crochet hook, and I settled down for an extremely frustrating week of trying to learn crochet over the internet. I watched hours and hours of ladies trying to teach me on YouTube, I poured over different websites showing me the basics and *eventually* it clicked. I crocheted like a maniac for a couple of weeks and whipped up my first blanket. Now, after a disaster in the washing machine due to me not weaving my ends in correctly, it didn’t last too long…. but I definitely got the yarn bug and since then I’ve probably spent hundreds of £££ on woolwarehouse.com, I’ve made a couple of blankets (a few more which are In Progress….) some lovely little amigurumi animals and a tea cosy which I was almost begrudged to give away!

One of my favourite things to do is read other peoples blogs, especially crochet blogs, to get inspiration and mainly because I’m nosey at what others make! But I also love to read about how people fill their days, it gives me ideas of how to decorate my home, tips on how to take better photographs, some wonderful baking recipes and I’d love to share my thoughts too – if anyone cares to read them! My trials of blanket making and the beginning of sock knitting, fixing my sewing machine, deflated cakes and one of the main reasons I want to blog is to keep a memory of my trips away and to share my thoughts and recommendations (or avoidances!) for others.

So please, say hi!

P.S – the graphics for the blog header came from this website, beautiful and free so thank you!



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